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Amended And Restated Limited Partnership Agreement

December 2, 2020 by MMinspect

Agreement: This amended and amended partnership agreement, together with the timetables and annexes indicated for this purpose, may be amended, amended or completed from time to time. As part of the investment management agreements and the Nkommanden agreement, amended and re-framed, it was not until after 1 January 2013 that an incentive allowance was incurred. The revised and revised partnership agreement of Sun Communities Operating Limited Partnership, a limited partnership in Michigan, was only amended as a result of amendments prepared by JRH-W. The partnership is a single limited partnership organized by the Delaware Revised Uniforme Limited Partnership Act that governs certain revised and revised partnership agreements of December 7, 1999 as amended (as amended by the Partnership Agreement). The partnership is governed by the amended and replicated Framework Partnership Agreement of 18 March 2005, in which the duration is permanent, and continues to exist until it is dissolved in accordance with the provisions of the partnership agreement.

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