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South Sudanese Peace Agreement

October 8, 2021 by MMinspect

The SRF includes rebel groups from the war-torn Western Darfur region, as well as southern Blue Nile and South Kordofan states. Cheers rang out when government officials and a coalition of armed groups called the Sudan Revolutionary Front (SRF) signed the deal on Saturday, a year after peace talks began, at a ceremony in Juba, the capital of neighboring South Sudan. Sudan`s interim president, Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, captured the joyful atmosphere around Saturday`s peace deal and chanted “Sudan is our country and we are all brothers” to the crowd that gathered in Juba. He described the event with optimism. The transitional government and various rebel groups reach an agreement a year after peace talks began in Juba, but two key groups are not part of it. On 24 Hemetti, on behalf of the Sovereignist Council, and el-Tom Hajo, deputy head of the SRF and head of the central track negotiating team, signed a peace agreement on “development, peasant issues, the El Gezira and El Managil agricultural programme, land rights and a fair distribution of wealth”. Hajo described the deal as “inclusive” without “quotas or positions.” [22] The peace agreement covers a number of sensitive issues, ranging from land ownership, reparations and compensation to the sharing of wealth and power, and the return of refugees and displaced persons. A year after peace talks began, representatives of the interim government and rebel groups signed the agreement a year after peace talks began at a ceremony in Juba, the South Sudanese capital, according to an AFP journalist on the ground. Four representatives of Darfur and Khabbashi signed on 28 December, a framework agreement on the Darfur track covering issues such as power-sharing, wealth-sharing, transitional justice and the Darfur-Darfur dialogue.

[13] On December 31, the SRF suspended talks on the Darfur line as part of the fighting in el-Geneina, which left 708 dead and wounded. [29] A FFC delegation that visited the area attributed the conflict to the “deep state” and victims attributed it to “Janjaweed” and “militant shepherds in Rapid Assistance Forces vehicles.” [30] To achieve a comprehensive peace, other armed movements must be embarked, particularly those led by Abdel Aziz Al Hilu and Abdel Wahid Al Nur, both of which have significant territories, armed forces, and support (in both regions and in Darfur, respectively). Juba`s negotiations with Abdel Aziz were stalled because of his demands for a secular state or, if not, the right to self-determination, but he has now reached a preliminary agreement with Prime Minister Hamdok on a follow-up. On 31 August 2020, a comprehensive peace agreement was signed between the Sovereignty Council and the SRF, comprising the SPLM-N (Minnawi) and JEM for the Darfur line and the SPLM-N (Agar) for the two-zone line. [18] [14] Under the terms of the agreement, the political groups that have signed are entitled to three seats on the Sovereignty Council, a total of five ministers in the transitional cabinet and a quarter of the seats in the transitional legislation. . . .

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