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Unregistered Agreement Of Sale Can Be Used As An Evidence For Collateral Purpose

October 13, 2021 by MMinspect

However, the reservation would show that an unregistered document relating to immovable property which, under the Act 1908 or the Transfer of Property Act 1882, is required to register, as evidence of the contract in a suit for a particular performance or as proof of a security transaction which is not to be carried out by a registered instrument, the Eastern State Policy Commission. Therefore, subject to reservation, an unregistered deed of sale of property with a value of 100/or more could be admitted as proof of a contract in an appeal relating to the actual performance of the contract. Such an unregiced instrument of sale may also be authorized as evidence of a security transaction that is not required using a registered document. Where an unregistered deed of sale is presented as evidence, not as evidence of a sale concluded, but as evidence of an oral purchase agreement, the deed may be obtained as evidence that it will be obtained only as evidence of an oral purchase agreement in accordance with section 49 of the 1908 Act. . For the petitioner, the petitioner bought the above property against payment of Rs.7.00.000/ – by an unreg registered deed of sale and representation for the second. claims that it has entered into an unregistsed sales contract for the purchase of the property in question against payment of Rs.7.00.000 / – itself admitted that it has concluded only rs.6.13.000 / – to the. that there is an unregreged sales contract. In view of the death of Dharisana Marry, the petitioner cannot execute the deed of sale on behalf of a deceased person. Therefore, for all the aforementioned reasons. 8.

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